Being behind the camera has been my greatest source of joy. Ever since high school, I’ve been documenting the personal moments and the subjects that are important to me through photography. These simple snapshots have filled albums that remind me of the love, laughter, and warmth shared between family, friends, acquaintances, and me. As I got older, I understood photography to be a powerful art form that not only showcases snippets of one’s life — moments in time that just passed by way too quickly, but that photography also has the capacity to move one on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level when the image is visually striking and delicately poignant.


As my fascination with photography continues to grow, I realize that it isn’t just the best art form. What’s most valuable about photography is that each and every image is a piece of history as well as a family heirloom, one of the greatest gifts to be preserved and shared. Photography captures moments in which we may otherwise forget the subtle details as well as our rich history that remains valuable and timeless to those dear to us.


Why should  you  invest  in  photography? To capture that special something forever. The simple moments that you don’t ever want to forget. The special occasions that are just too fleeting. The relationships that mean so much to you: The shared smiles and connections between you and those little faces that won’t remain little for too long; the love between you and a partner, a parent, a friend. Having photographs to share with loved ones when you recount your experiences and stories allows them to relive all those magical moments with you.